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Book Review: The Boxcar Children

June 06, 2014 0 comments

Book Review: The Boxcar Children Series
From Miss Sarah at Bellville

"The Boxcar Children series has been around for a long time. The first book entitled The Boxcar Children was published in 1924 then republished in 1942. The 1924 edition is different than the 1942 edition. The 1942 edition is more like the books that are published today than the 1924 edition. In the book, Henry, Violet, Jessie and Benny Alden's parents have passed away. They have a grandfather named James whom they have never met. The children are afraid that their grandfather is mean and will not like them because he did not like their mother.

"The Alden children find an old abandoned boxcar and decide to live there. They find dishes and make beds out of pine needles. Henry gets a job helping out Dr. Moore and eventually the other children do too. The Aldens' grandfather puts an ad in the paper that he will give $5,000 to anyone who will help find his grandchildren. Violet becomes ill so the children ask Dr. Moore for help. Read the book to find out if Violet gets better and if the kids’ grandfather ever finds them.

"I recommend this fun series to the third grade students at the Bellville Branch Library when they visit as a class. There have been new books added to the Boxcar Children series to make it more modern such as The Zombie Project and The Cupcake Caper. The library also has several of the Boxcar Children books available in audiobook which would make great listening material for a summer road trip. Another bonus about the Boxcar Children series is that there a lot of them and could provide reading material all summer long especially when participating in the Summer Library Program."

Thanks, Miss Sarah!  Check out this video for a sneak peek of The Boxcar Children Beginning: the Aldens of Fair Meadow Farm, a prequel written by Patricia MacLachlan.


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