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Story Time Starter — Planting a Garden

May 19, 2014 0 comments

With the warm weather finally here, it’s time to start planting gardens! What better way to prepare than to have a garden story time before going out and digging in the dirt? Here at the library, we have plenty of gardening stories as well as non-fiction gardening help for kids. Below are some of our favorites:

Rhymes are fun to include in your story time, and they help develop your child’s early literacy skills! Here are a few to try:

     I Dig, Dig, Dig
      I dig, dig, dig                (pretend to dig)
      And plant some seeds  (stoop down to plant)
      I rake, rake, rake          (pretend to rake)
      And I pull some weeds  (pull up weeds)
      I wait and watch          (hands on hips looking down)
      My garden sprouts       (hands low)
      And starts to grow!      (raise hands)

     Planting Time
      (to the tune of “Row Row Your Boat”)
      Dig, dig, dig the earth               (pretend to dig)
      Then you plant your seeds       (pretend to plant)
      A gentle rain                            (fingers flutter down)
      The bright sunshine                 (arms circle overhead)
      And flowers you will see         (open arms wide)

     Watch It Bloom
      Here is a green leaf                  (hold out one palm)
      And here is a green leaf           (hold out other palm)
      That, you see, makes two.
      Here is a bud                           (cup hands together)
      That makes a flower
      Watch it bloom for you!            (slowly open hands)

     Up Pops the Flower
      (Tune of: “Pop! Goes the Weasel”)
      We plant some seeds in the dirt.
      The rain falls in a shower.
      The sun comes out, and what do you know?
      Up! Pops a flower!

What about some music? These songs are fun to sing along with or just listen to while planting your flowers and vegetables!

Finally, here are a few crafts to round out your story time:


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