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Crafting with Kids — Mother's Day Crafts

May 10, 2014

Today we’ve got some great crafts that are perfect for Mother’s Day (or for that special someone). Miss Mary had a story time earlier this week that focused on mothers, and she finished by having the kids plant a pretty marigold in a cup decorated with stickers. She also printed cards that the kids could personalize and give to their mothers. This was a great activity for the little ones! For even more printable cards, coupons, and coloring pages, check this page out.

For the older children, Miss Melanie is hosting a make-it take-it craft program this Sunday (which just happens to be Mother’s Day!) featuring dried lavender pouches. Here’s the info on how to make one yourself:

  • You’ll need an organza pouch (sold in packages of 12), curling ribbon, dried whole lavender stalks with flowers (or lavender buds), other dried grasses or twigs, and a bag of small river rocks that have rounded edges.
  • Put a small handful of rocks onto the middle of the organza. Gather the edges together and tie it loosely with the curling ribbon.
  • Add stalks of grass, twigs, or dried lavender into the loose opening at the top. You may have to retie the ribbon to make it snug.
  • The pouch will sit flat because of the rocks and will smell great because of the lavender!
  • You could also just use crushed dried lavender buds to fill the organza pouch to make a great smelling sachet to put in a drawer or closet.

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