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The Last Tsarinas

History tells us that the life of royals throughout history has been that of a “slave to the people,” a role whose difficulty we can’t appreciate.
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Hotel Transylvania 3

One of the reasons I enjoy children’s movies more than adult movies anymore is because children’s movies seek primarily to entertain, and they actually tell stories in doing so.
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Show Dogs

Talking dogs signify a bad movie in my opinion, but I didn't dislike Show Dogs as much as I anticipated.
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Sherlock Gnomes

From the opening titles Sherlock Gnomes is lighthearted fun.
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Phantom Thread

I generally watch a movie to be entertained, but I found nothing to entertain in Phantom Thread, which depicts the relationship of the annoyingly pampered and regimented dress designer Reynolds Woodcock (played by Daniel Day-Lewis) and his model/companion Alma.
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Thurgood Mashall doesn't strike most of us as an entertainment-worthy movie subject; however, the movie MARSHALL is thoroughly enjoyable because it draws one into the story.
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The movie Churchill starring Brian Cox doesn't do its subject justice.
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The Story of China: With Michael Wood

As a homeschool mom who wants to make history come alive for my kids, I appreciate Michael Woods' The Story of China.
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England: Castles, Cottages, and Countryside

As a fan of British movies and reader of British novels, I’ve long wanted to view the great country estates of the nobility, take a trip to the ever-mentioned Bath, and see the English countryside I’ve read about so often. The DVD England: Castles, Cottages, and Countryside promises this and more. The segment on the English “treasure houses” is narrated by a typically understated British narrator; the other segments are hosted by Smart Travels’ Rudy Maxa. All episodes cover their subjects well. In the homes we are treated not only to thorough scenes of the grounds and the most splendid rooms of castles dating from Medieval times to the 1760s, but we also get to see the treasures for which each castle is famous, such as works of art, furniture, armor, an antique car collection, and hothouse plants. In some of the homes we also get to meet the current owners and even see some of the family rooms. At times the background music interferes with the narration, but I’m not one to complain about classical music while I’m viewing pictures of some lovely homes and countryside. This DVD delivered on its purpose of offering a better acquaintance with places often mentioned by Jane Austen’s characters or seen in British television and movies. Overall rating: B
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Eight Days a Week: The Touring Years

After watching Eight Days a Week : The Touring Years, this non-fan of the Beatles has been transformed into a Beatles fan. Seeing original videos of their performances and interviews, learning about their history, and understanding their interest from the point of view of expert commentators developed my appreciation for these entertainers. The movie was a delight to watch. Director and producer Ron Howard has included photos of the young men and video of some of their appearances before they were famous; abundant concert footage of the group performing during the touring years (1964 through early 1967) and before, with many of the songs featured performed in their entirety; and footage of them composing in the recording studio. Seeing them perform and respond to interview questions, it is easy to understand their appeal. Often recent commentary from one or more of the surviving Beatles accompanies the pictures, and their observations and recollections (Paul: “We were actually appealing to girls!” or Ringo: “For some reason, whatever we put out – they loved!”) add to the enjoyment. The movie also revealed interesting facts about the Beatles’ impact on segregation in the American South during the Civil Rights Movement. As a non-fan, I was interested in the movie because I wanted to understand the fascination with the Beatles. This movie answered my question well: their energy and fun are contagious. Other than some limited obscene language, it is suitable for all ages. Overall rating: A+.
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