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The Lighthouse - Movie Review

The Lighthouse is a horror movie set in the 1890s that relies on subtlety and superstition for its scares.
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AI: Somnium Files - Video Game Review

AI: The Somnium Files is a visual novel (a genre of videogame that is text based with little gameplay) that takes place in a technologically advanced Tokyo in the near future and follows Kaname Date, a detective who is a member of the secret branch of the law enforcement called “Advanced Brain Investigation Squad (ABIS).” The game follows him and his partner, AI-Ball, nicknamed Aiba, as they investigate a series of mysterious copycat killings.
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Midsommar - Movie Review

Midsommar is a folk horror film, the latest movie to be both written and directed by Ari Aster, whose previous film Hereditary (2018) came out last year to much acclaim. The movie follows a group of Americans who have been invited to the homeland of their Swedish friend, Pelle, to partake in their annual midsummer celebrations.
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Patrick Melrose - Movie Review

Patrick Melrose, an Emmy nominated miniseries starring Benedict Cumberbatch as the titular character, is based on a series of semi-autobiographical novels by Edward St Aubyn.
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Us - Movie Review

On the surface Us looks to be a standard slasher film—the trapped wholesome family, the power outage, the eerily familiar intruders lurking in the dark brandishing scissors and murderous intent-but actually the film ends up leaning more on the side of social commentary.
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The Nun - Movie Review

The Nun exemplifies both the best and (unfortunately) the worst of The Conjuring universe.
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