Strategic Plan

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2011 Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The Mansfield/Richland County Public Library will provide library materials, services, programs and initiatives that create and support a vibrant quality of life in Richland County.

Strategic planning is an on-going process in any organization that wishes to remain relevant to the people it serves. In tough economic times, it is essential for your Library to look forward, anticipating issues, evaluating services, attempting to balance needs and wants of the community with the financial and physical resources we have.

This plan is a fluid document, a guideline for the next few years. As always, we will try to do the best we can with what we have, to serve our customers in the best way possible with limited resources.



Financial Stability

M/RCPL needs to insure financial stability to maintain programs and services. In the 1990s, the State funding slipped from 97% of the total funding to 70%. Currently, with the last cuts, State funding is less than 45% of the Library’s revenue.

  • Trustees will evaluate the need to establish an Endowment, either at the Richland County Foundation
    or an independent Library Foundation, for the sole purpose to support and strengthen the services of
    M/RCPL. The commitment for the endowment would ensure the Library’s vitality and excellence for current
    and future generations.
  • In the event of continued cuts or elimination of State funding, library trustees will evaluate the continual dismantling of the system and services versus placing
    a levy on the ballot.



Library Infrastructure

M/RCPL, in order to carry out its mission, will need to continue to upgrade and improve our buildings and
technology infrastructure.


  • Develop a schedule of repairs for all buildings within the budgetary constraints. Furnaces, air conditioners, roofs and doors will be given precedence over other items.
  • Develop a schedule, as determined by budgetary constraints, for adding security systems to all buildings.


  • Continue to maintain and replace computer and other equipment through a replacement schedule as determined by the budget.
  • Carve out a space for a small training lab for staff.
  • When the budget permits, plan and implement a more appropriate, permanent site for a staff training center.




The Library will continue to make resources available in a variety of formats which serve the community.

  • M/RCPL will purchase popular and bestselling titles and place them at all locations.
  • M/RCPL will maintain a core collection of titles of permanent value.
  • M/RCPL will enable access to a diversity of viewpoints in the collection as well as through cooperation with other information providers.
  • M/RCPL, through participation with other organizations, will expand the range of available materials at a reduced cost to Richland County taxpayers.
  • M/RCPL also will evaluate new formats for library materials and assess their value in fulfilling community needs and interests.
  • M/RCPL will explore options for acquiring and preserving items of local interest or historical value in emerging digital formats.



Richland County 2-1-1

M/RCPL has partnered with Richland County Job & Family Services to staff and maintain an Information & Referral telephone service that refers residents to vital services.

  • Improve mechanisms in providing 24 hour service.
  • Move the 2-1-1 office to street level in the former Print Center building (36 West Third Street, Mansfield) to improve walk-in availability.
  • Through our United Way of Ohio grant, produce and air radio spots that inform the public of this vital service.
  • Migrate to ReferNet (information and referral/client tracking software) and develop a way for the current ACT (Agency Client Tracking) program to share information from clients to utilize the ReferNet database.
  • Continue to work with the United Way of Richland County, the United Way of Ohio and the Richland County Foundation to improve the services of 211.



Public Awareness and Visibilty of the Library System

M/RCPL will keep the Library and its service visible through:

  • Annual countywide mailing of the State of the Library, including financial figures.
  • Updated radio and television spots.
  • Production of publicity pieces that will direct customers to our Library, either a physical location or a virtual branch.
  • Work with the Friends of the Library to develop a Community Breakfast for the State of the Library.
  • Inviting our elected officials to participate in a READ poster.
  • Educating our State elected officials about the unique library services in Ohio and the fact that every Ohioan can use a library due to stabile state funding.

Culture and Entertainment

M/RCPL will continue to provide Library programs and exhibits that will enhance learning, history and entertainment.

  • M/RCPL will provide approximately six exhibits per year.
  • M/RCPL will seek to partner with local businesses to sponsor exhibits that will increase interest, educate or provide entertainment for members of the public.



Adult Programs and Initiatives

The Library will maintain and enhance existing programs plus initiate new programs in assisting adults in achieving a better quality of life.

  • M/RCPL will develop a series of classes designed to assist customers with on-line job searches and creation of resumes.
  • M/RCPL will provide classes in all locations for the convenience of Library customers. A quantity of computer laptops for in-library use will be purchased to develop a mobile computer lab. In addition, M/RCPL will schedule the State Library’s mobile lab to use as a training facility at different M/RCPL locations.
  • M/RCPL will continue to provide materials and programs to senior citizen apartments, assisted living centers, and nursing homes.
  • M/RCPL will promote Health Awareness by participating in Senior Wellness Days and other appropriate fairs.
  • M/RCPL will look to partner with health professionals and local agencies to provide programs on health topics for seniors.



Reading Readiness

M/RCPL will promote a love and nurturing of reading and research in children of all ages.

  • In order to prepare children for school, M/RCPL will continue to provide and improve “Every Child Ready to Read” through programs for parents, educators and caregivers plus constant training of M/RCPL staff.
  • M/RCPL will further encourage the love of reading through story times at each library location, WIC Centers, Headstart and other selected sites.
  • M/RCPL will encourage parents to be active in encouraging early literacy by accessing the “Parent Zone” on the website.
  • M/RCPL will continue to work with area physicians and the County Health Department in a partnership, “A Gift of Learning,” to help parents of younger children understand the importance of early exposure to language and reading.
  • The Summer Library Program will be maintained and enhanced to enable children to retain their skills to be ready for school in the fall.
  • Expand outreach to parents, guardians, and teachers of special needs children to identify services needs (e.g., Main offers story time for autistic children).
  • Provide information on the six early learning literacy skills and the importance of reading out loud through Facebook, M/RCPL’s website, PSAs, and other media sources.
  • M/RCPL will develop a plan to institute homework help centers.
  • M/RCPL will expand outreach to older adults who are raising grandchildren in order to assist them with the early childhood literacy skills that they will need to help those children.

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