Book Review

Feeling Sorry for CeliaFeeling Sorry for Celia by Jaclyn Moriarty

Fifteen-year-old Elizabeth Clarry's life is quite complicated. Her only communication with her mother is through strange and hilarious notes left on the fridge and now her cheating father (who's been absent most of her life) is suddenly moving back to town. Her best friend Celia keeps running away, and no one knows where she disappears to. On top of all that, her English teacher decides to bring back the "Joy of the Envelope," so soon a complete stranger knows more about Elizabeth than anyone else. As they say, "A lot can happen in the time it takes to write a letter." I highly recommend this book. It is a hilarious tale that captures the little dramas of being a teenager in a funny and captivating way.

Oh, and noone dies, which is always a plus! This is a great read if you are looking for something awesome/funny/adventurous/amazing!!

Movie Review

Crazy Stupid LoveCrazy, Stupid, Love

Cal Weaver is sure that he has the perfect life. He married his high school sweetheart; he lives in a nice house, has great kids, and likes his job. Then he learns his wife cheated on him and wants a divorce. Things start to unravel. Soon he meets Jacob. Jacob is the ultimate charmer and helps Cal relearn how to date and pickup girls. This movie is a sweet, lighthearted comedy about ridiculous, crazy, stupid love. Please watch for a good time. :) Highly recommended

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