My name is Alexis.  I go to St. Peter's school and church.  I like to read (A LOT) and to watch movies (reading the books first, of course). I am 13 years old and in 8th grade. This is my first year on TAB, so I really hope you enjoy my articles.

Movie Reviews


This movie was exceptionally good, because it has something to offer everyone--comedy fans, romance fans, action fans.  All in all, this movie is fun for the whole family, from the toddler to the teen to the adult!

Saving Mr. Banks

This movie was great, for a teen and/or adult, but I’m not so sure for a kid. It’s rated PG-13, but adults are still taking their kids to see it.  When I went to see it in the theater, most of the people there had small children. But overall, this is a great movie.


This movie is an extremely inspirational movie about a snail who wants to be a racer.  Though he knows his dream is nearly impossible, he goes after it anyway.  

After Earth

This move is interesting and is good for someone who likes to think about the future and/or scientific theories.  It’s not really for children though, as it is rated PG-13.

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