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Book Review

Crooked by Laura and Tom McNeal Crooked by Laura and Tom McNeal is about Clara Wilson and Amos Mackenzie. They are two teenagers whose near future is twisted together in unpredictable ways. As the story continues Clara finds herself alone when her “best friend” ditches her for the pop Read More...

Book Review

Beat the Band by Don Calame In the hilarious fictional story, Beat the Band, Cooper Redmond and his friends Matt and Sean are optimistic about sophomore year. Cooper plans on being seen as one of the cool kids and scoring with the "popular girls." Unfortunately for him, in a health assignment that Read More...
Author: Phil - TAB
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Book Review

One Whole and Perfect Day by Judith Clarke Everyone thinks their family is crazy. But Lily Samson is sure her family is craziest. Her mother works too much, her lazy brother and stubborn Pop are always arguing and her Grandmother has imaginary friends. Not to mention Lily has to take car Read More...
Author: Alexia - TAB
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