Reserve a Library Computer?

Need to Use a Computer at the Library? We'll Show You How! Want to use a library computer, but you’re not sure how? Every M/RCPL location has PC Reservation software, so instead of asking a librarian to sign you up for a computer, you can sign up yourself! All you need to have is your library card, and you need to know your PIN number. (Psssst…if you don’t know your PIN number, you can ask your favorite librarian!) With an M/RCPL library card, you can have 180 minutes of computer time (but probably not all at once!)

If you don’t have a library card, you can still get on a computer—you’ll just need to show your favorite librarian a School/Student ID (if you have one,) and ask for a Guest Pass, which will give you 60 minutes of computer time.

By using the reservation station at the library, you can make computer reservations one day in advance. You can even make reservations from home, by calling an M/RCPL location, and giving them your library card and PIN number!

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