Get a Book the Library Doesn't Have?

Need a book the library doesn't have? Try Search Ohio!Are you looking for a certain book, DVD, or CD that M/RCPL doesn’t have? Well, don’t give up too easily—with Search Ohio, you can search other libraries in the state of Ohio (like the Akron-Summit County Public Library, Toledo-Lucas County Public Library, Westerville Public Library, and many more,) to find the item you want!

In order to request something through Search Ohio, you should start by searching for the item in our catalog. If we don't own it, just click the Search Ohio button on the right side of the screen (under Other Sources.) If the item is available through another Search Ohio library, all you have to do is enter your barcode and PIN number to request the item be sent to an M/RCPL location. If you have any trouble, though, you can always ask your favorite librarian!

Search Ohio is pretty cool, right? In fact, it’s so cool, once you start it’s easy to get carried away! So don't forget...the fines are higher if you return Search Ohio materials late…instead of ten cents a day, it's fifty cents a day! And if something bad happens—like you lose a DVD or damage a book or CD—there's a non-negotiable $25.00 fee.

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