by Katie Ellington, 9th Grade


Music is timeless; it’s all around.
There are very few places it cannot be found.
And what sad places those places must be
for those whose hearts love a sweet melody.
Some songs are sweet; others filled with pain.
Lyrics speak of war, peace, or hearts bound with chains.
The mother sings a sweet lullaby; the little girl hums while she plays.
A family celebrates a soldier’s return home, a joyful song on a wedding day.
The sound of the river as it gurgles and flows,
the tune of the songbird or caws of the crows,
there are elements of music wherever I go,
rhythm and beat, notes and tone.
No matter what my emotions or circumstances are,
one way or another, there is a song in my heart.

Love is timeless; it never goes away.
The heart never dies, and the feelings don’t fade.
Alas, all too often, it’s hidden by hate,
but if love is strong enough, it will endure the pain.
Love is a friend who won’t go away
even when everyone else wouldn’t stay.
Love is the mother who is calm and mild
but will fight until the end for the good of her child.
Love is a father who holds his child tight,
comforting and soothing long into the night.
Love is the neighbor who gives time and care
even when unasked, when seeing despair.
Love is a promise between a man and his wife
to love, cherish, and honor until their last breaths of life.
The satisfaction in a job well done, the wonder in a child’s eye,
joy, hope, faith, and timeless things will never, ever die.

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