by Katie Walthour, 7th Grade


I love the squirrels, birds and bees.
I love the flowers, grass and trees.
I love the seasons, one and all.
But the one I like the most is the fall.
The leaves are beautifully bright and bold.
And the weather is neither too hot nor cold.
But as the fall digresses to winter,
Those leaves fall off and start to wither.
And as we trudge through the cold weather,
Things are gradually getting better.
Then there comes the beautiful spring,
And we see the birds take wing.
We celebrate that Christ has risen
And find candy in eggs that are hidden.
So then we find ourselves in summer,
And the weather keeps getting hotter,
Until finally we’re back to fall.
And we made it through it all.
A whole entire year has passed,
Since we saw these leaves last.
These are all wonderful reasons
Why to thank the Lord for seasons.

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