by Elyse Schutjer, 6th Grade


Hippity Hop
The frog won’t stop.
“I want some flies!”
Oh, he cries.
All the way to the pond
his tummy growls, “Oh, what’s wrong?”
He goes even faster, till the pond is in sight.
“I can’t wait to eat the flies in one bite.”
But the only thing wrong is the flies flew away.
They are all on vacation for a relaxing, nice day.
When he reaches the pond and sees the bad news,
Froggy gets sad and now has the blues.
As Froggy starts to hop away,
out jumps his friend with an amazing buffet.
“Is this all for me?
That dragonfly cake and that yummy fly tea?”
“Of course, it is!” his friend replies.
“It’s your birthday, silly goose! Didn’t you realize?”
Froggy laughs, and he eats the food away
having a nice rest of his happy day.


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