Endless Possibilities

by Betty Jean Owen, 6th Grade

Endless Possibilities

I’ve got nothing to lose,
so I might as well choose
what I want to do
with my future.

Oh, maybe I’ll try
to reach for the sky.
I could try to fly
in a plane.

Or maybe I’ll float
on my own little boat
in waters remote
and uncharted.

I could study the stars
and Venus and Mars
or invent special cars
to drive on the moon.

Or maybe my life is
totally for show biz
and fans that would wish
to see me perform.

I might try ballet,
chasse, sauté, tour-jette
all throughout the live long day
until dusk.

But why stop at one?
I could do it all just for fun.
After all, life’s just begun,
and I like it.

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