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Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

By teen lib

Evil GeniusThat is exactly what Cadel is–an Evil Genius! At age eight, he engineers a traffic jam affecting nearly the entire city, tying up traffic for hours. At age twelve, Cadel causes the new sports complex at his high school to collapse just before the grand-opening ceremony. And at age fourteen, he implements a plan to cause his entire senior class to fail their finals.

But all of these small crimes are leading up to Cadel taking over his father’s empire. Cadel’s father is Dr. Darkkon, and he is the epitome of evil. Dr. Darkkon is currently locked up in the most secure facility in the world. But that doesn’t stop him from continuing to run his evil empire. And part of Dr. Darkkon’s plans for his son includes Cadel attending the Axis Institute. Let me give you just a sampling of the classes listed in the course catalog for the Axis Institute. The class labeled Coping Skills is really a Basic Lying Class, and the Law Class is in reality a Loopholes Class. Basic Psychology is really Manipulation, and the Accounting Class is really Embezzlement. And, of course, the Applied Physics Class is an Explosives Class.

So like a dutiful son, Cadel enrolls at the Axis Institute, taking all the classes his father wants him to. But then Cadel meets someone that makes him question everything he believes in. Is Cadel an evil genius after all?

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