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The Sorcerer of the North by John Flanagan

By teen lib

The Sorcerer of the North

A few years have passed since Will’s last adventures as an apprentice Ranger working with his mentor, Halt, and the Skandians to bring about peace between the two countries. Now Will is a full-fledged Ranger, wearing his own silver oak leaf and on his first assignment. He is stuck in the isolated Fief of Seacliffe, and this assignment does not appear to be very challenging. But shortly after arriving there, Will is called away by Halt, to embark on a secret mission. The Rangers have received word that sorcery is at work in Castle Macindaw far to the northern border of Araluen. It is a strategic stronghold in the kingdom’s defenses against the Scotti, so Will is sent undercover as a traveling musician to ferret out the truth of the situation. Unfortunately for Will, this mission might cost not only his life but those of the ones he cares for most.

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