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Seer of Shadows by Avi

By teen lib

Seer of ShadowsHorace Carpetine has unintentionally unleashed an angry ghost on the Von Macht household. Horace had only been send by his employer, Enoch Middleton, a self-proclaimed society photographer to surreptitiously take pictures of the Von Macht’s dead daughter’s portraits at their residence. Mr. Middleton wants to capitalize on the idea of being a “spirit photographer,” one who can capture lingering ghosts in a photographic image, made popular in the late 1800s. Of course, he can’t actually do this, and that is why he sends his apprentice, Horace, on this errand. After Horace returns with the daughter’s image, Mr. Middleton will be able to superimpose it onto the photographs he has already taken of the Von Machts. But in taking the photographs of the daughter’s likeness, Horace sets off a terrible string of events resulting in uncovering the truth of who Eleanora, the dead daughter, really was and how she actually died.

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