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Science Fair: A Story of Mystery, Danger, International Suspense, And a Very Nervous Frog by Dave Barry and Ridley Pearson

By teen lib

Science FairToby is in deep, deep trouble. He decided to sell a piece of his dad’s priceless Star Wars memorabilia, an original Star Wars blaster, on Ebay, so that he could come up with the money to purchase a new laptop. Toby didn’t think his father would realize the blaster was missing. Unfortunately, the buyer, a lunatic who thinks he’s Darth Vader and travels everywhere with an extremely hairy sidekick known in the book as the Wookiee, wants a refund. The Darth Vader wanna-be tells Toby that the signature is a forgery, and he wants his money back. The one problem with that is that Toby has already spent the money on the new laptop he wanted. Now his only hope to get Darth Vader out of his life for good is to get first prize, $5,000, at the Hubble Middle School Science Fair. But Toby is not the only one planning to win this science competition. With a cheating ring, top-secret military technology, and terrorists all involved, Toby will be lucky just to survive.

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