Rated 88% by 83 viewers.

Incarceron by Catherine Fisher

By teen lib

IncarceronIncarceron is a prison so vast that no one really knows the extent of it. Designed as a grand experiment, Incarceron was created with cutting-edge technology to house all the undesirables in the world and to give them all they would need resulting in a utopia rather than a prison. Unfortunately, plans go wrong, and in this case, Incarceron became a self-aware tyrannical prison, watching its jailed occupants with all-knowing eyes and keeping them contained within itself at all costs.

When Finn, a member of a gang of violent thieves and renegades, comes into possession of a crystal key, he is sure it is his ticket out of Incarceron. Finn actually has no memory of his childhood and is absolutely certain that he comes from the outside. While at the same time Finn is looking to escape Incarceron, Claudia, the warden of Incarceron’s daughter, is plotting her escape from an arranged marriage with Caspar, the pleasure-seeking, dimwitted heir to the throne. Borrowing her father’s crystal key enables Finn and Claudia to communicate and use one another to further their escape plans. But those escapes may come at far greater prices than either of them realizes

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