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Trash by Andy Mulligan

By teen lib

TrashYou probably don’t think that people can live in a garbage dump. But that is exactly what Raphael and Gardo do. In fact, they are completely surrounded by trash. Not only do they live in the dump, but all of their clothes and possessions are items which they have found among the trash bags. Their shelter is constructed from other discarded items. And they spend their days sorting through other people’s trash looking for things that can be recycled or stuff that never should have been thrown away in the first place. They usually find waste but look for plastic, paper and cardboard, tin cans, glass, and cloth or rags.

But then one day Raphael finds a bag. And inside that bag, he finds not only a map of the city, a key, and a wallet with lots of money, but also a whole lot of trouble. There are many, many people looking for that bag, what it contains, and where that can lead them. But Raphael and Gardo are determined to find whatever has been hidden before everyone else does.

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