Rated 88% by 83 viewers.

Accomplice by Eireann Corrigan

By teen lib

AccompliceThey had such a good plan. It was going to bring them so much attention that colleges couldn’t help but take notice of them. According to their guidance counselor, good grades are not enough to get into the best colleges. Perfect attendance is also not enough. Not even the hours and hours of community service that Finn and Chloe have logged will cause their applications to rise to the top of the piles on the admissions’ officers’ desks.

So they plan a fake abduction. No one would actually get hurt, and Chloe and Finn would be known all around the country. They would stage Chloe’s disappearance and once she had been missing long enough, Finn would miraculously find her and save her. It was the perfect plan until things started to go wrong.

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