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Legend by Marie Lu

By teen lib

Legend by Marie Lu

1500 is the magic number in June's World. That is the number that has governed her life ever since she took her Trials. 1500 is a perfect score on the Trials that each and every 10-year-old must take, and June is the only one to ever receive that score. She is just now finishing her coursework at the most prestigious of the Republic's universities and will soon be following her older brother into the military where all the most talented young people end up.

At the other end of the spectrum from those scoring 1500 on their Trials are the teens who fail and get sent to the labor camps. Day is one of these teens, and he officially died 5 years ago. Since then, he has become the most wanted criminal in all of the Republic.

And a crime brings both June and Day together in a fight for their lives.

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