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By Grace - TAB

CrossedCrossed (Matched Series – Book Two) by Ally Condie

I was very excited for Crossed when I first checked it out, but I actually found it a disappointment. The beginning was interesting, when Cassia and Ky are escaping the camps, but it soon becomes rather monotonous. When they escape to the Carving, a series of canyons, the book takes on a rhythm similar to the seemingly endless camping trip that takes up a large section of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Reading through the middle of the book is like wading through a muddy field--slow and boring. The ending picks up a bit in the action; although, it doesn't satisfy my expectations of the book at all. Though it is a turning point in the series and probably vital to understanding the next book, be warned. You have a long, slow journey ahead.

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