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By Jacob - TAB

Maze of BonesThe Maze Of Bones (39 Clues: Book One) by Rick Riordan

When orphans Amy and Dan's beloved Aunt Grace suddenly dies, they are devastated. The funeral seems dull and the huge family of Cahills, who are crowded into the large mansion of the recently deceased Grace Cahill, seem to have no care in Grace's death but only what they might get out of the inheritance. So, when Amy, Dan and other family members attend the reading of the will, they find that the Cahill family is even larger than Amy and Dan assumed. Much, much larger! They discover that their family has made a huge impact on the world with family members including Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Neil Armstrong, Michael Jordan and many, many more. In addition, all of these family members are split into four branches: Tomas (the adventurous type), Lucian (the spy type), Janus (the artistic type), and Ekaterina (the brainy type). These four branches are searching for 39 clues that the founders of the Cahill family set out. The family members are deadly and will do anything, even kill to find these 39 clues, because if they are the first to do this, they will find the unknown, amazing and most important riches in the world. With that in mind, the family members are given two choices. They get to see Grace once more in her video, and the first choice, as she explains in the video, is the opportunity to take 1,000,000 dollars and never speak of it again, or they can choose to be given the first clue in the hunt.

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