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By Taylor - TAB

Before I FallBefore I Fall by Lauren Oliver

What would it be like to relive the day you died seven times? In her debut novel, Lauren Oliver gives one girl a second chance, seven chances in fact, to find value in what she might be leaving behind. This book is a great choice for fans of romance books. It also has some mystery and a little bit of heartbreak thrown in. Before I Fall teaches what it’s like to live with no regrets, and also what it’s like to die with those regrets still sitting on your shoulders. This book takes you on a journey with Samantha Kingston, the main character, and her three best friends, Lindsay, Elody and Ally. They are three teenage girls who are used to getting exactly what they want. They got into an accident, and Samantha thought she died but woke up the next day and had to do it all again. Day after day she slowly unravels the mystery surrounding her death. If you get the chance to read this book, I hope you like it as much as I did.

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