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By Ellie - TAB

White CatWhite Cat by Holly Black

When Cassel Sharpe wakes up teetering on the roof of his boarding school dorm room, he knows something is wrong. In his world, a new breed of humans, called workers, have special powers that can only affect you from skin contact. Cassel was born the only non-worker in his family. And to make matters worse, his family has well known ties to a worker crime family. Also when Cassel was young he was found standing, bloodied and knife in hand, over his best friend, Lila, who also happens to be the heir to this mentioned crime family. Lately, Cassel has been dreaming of a strange white cat. It was the white cat that led him sleeping to the roof and who got him "temporally expelled" from his boarding school and normal life. What does this white cat want? Will his life ever be normal? You'll just have to find out in White Cat by Holly Black.

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