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Bullet Point by Peter Abrahams

By teen lib

Bullet PointBullet Point by Peter Abrahams

The only thing about high school that Wyatt even remotely cares about has been cut. Baseball, along with the rest of the sports programs, is no longer an option for him at his high school in East Canton due to the economy. But after the coach relays this news to his team, he asks Wyatt to stick around for a few minutes. It seems the coach thinks that Wyatt might be good enough to get into college by playing baseball, but without a program, that just won’t work. So the coach suggests that Wyatt transfer to a more affluent high school in Silver City with a good baseball coach and team.

It just so happens that Wyatt’s father, gone from Wyatt’s life before Wyatt was even born, lives just on the other side of the river from Silver City, in the Sweetwater Penitentiary. Sentenced to life for armed robbery, Sonny Racine, makes contact with his nearby son. And the more Wyatt comes to know about his biological father, the more Wyatt questions his father’s guilt. But if Wyatt gets involved in Sonny’s mess of a life now, it just might be the worst decision Wyatt will have ever made.

Keywords: mystery, teen fiction
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