Rated 88% by 83 viewers.

Crocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz

By teen lib

Crocodile TearsCrocodile Tears by Anthony Horowitz

Alex’s latest adventure with MI6 doesn’t even seem worthy of Alex’s considerable espionage skills. All MI6 needs Alex to do is download some computer data while he is on a school field trip to a lab that specializes in the genetic engineering of plants. Unfortunately, Alex doesn’t get away with the information without alerting the lab’s security force. Instead, his small job for MI6 makes the guy producing the genetically modified, and also fatal, corn plants suspicious of what Alex might know. So suspicious that Alex is kidnapped from London and held against his will in Africa to play the one-person audience for the scientist gone bad. Knowing Alex though, you realize that this is all he needs. A little time and the resources at hand are all Alex ever needs to get himself and the rest of the world out of an impossibly tight situation. Although surviving the lake full of hungry crocodiles he finds himself dangling over will take all of his strength and ingenuity.

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