A Whole New Reason to EXPRESS YOURSELF…

Hey Bits and Bramblers…

Usually we like to keep things light around here. We talk about books and websites. We tell you about library programming, and we link to funny videos. But if you’d like us to keep doing those things—and much, much more—we need to talk.

Because we need your help.

See, last Friday, our Governor proposed some cuts to the state budget. He wants to cut $112.5 million from the Public Library Fund. Which is…kind of bad for us. In fact, if this passes? Then at least half of your faaaaavorite locations will be forced to close—and maybe more.

We’ll have to cut back on the number of books, DVDS, and CDs we buy, the number of programs we offer, and the number of (*gulp*) staff we have.

So…that’s why we need your help. But the thing is? We don’t have a lot of time…

See, The Ohio General Assembly is going to think about the proposal for nine days, and then they’re going to vote on July 1st, which is…you know, not very far away.

And here’s the thing. You’re probably thinking, “I’m just a kid, what I can do? I can’t even vote. Nobody’s going to listen to me, right?”


You know how everyone keeps telling you that “you’re the future?” Well, they mean it. And this is your chance to start showing everyone the future is in good hands. After all…this is YOUR state. This is YOUR community. This is YOUR library. So why not talk about how much it means to you?

Talk to your parents. If they’re okay with it, email or call your elected officials. Don’t be afraid to tell them exactly what you think. Tell them how much you love your library, and that you want it to stay open.

Talk to your favorite adults Tell them what’s going on, and encourage them to contact their elected officials. The more people we get, the better our chances are.

I’ll even help you out by giving you a list of the people you need to contact, and how to contact them!

Now…if you aren’t sure which officials you should contact, you can check the House and Senate lists (or you could always ask if one of your faaaaaavorite librarians for help! After all…we’re pretty good at our jobs, and we’d like to keep doing them!)

Remember everyone…we don’t have much time. So GET BUSY…and START EXPRESSING YOURSELVES!!!!