Happy Teen Read Week, Bits and Bramblers! See, every year, we set aside an entire week just for teens (like you) who love to read. We even come up with a cool theme—this year, it’s READ BEYOND REALITY. And we do it just to celebrate you guys For no other reason than…reading is fun. And there a lot of good books out there. And the teens who read them are awesome, and deserve their own week.

Now, speaking of good books….haaaaaaaaave you read Meg Cabot’s Being Nikki? It’s the sequel to last year’s Airhead, and it’s got a little bit of everything. Supermodels! Speech class! Multimillion dollar corporations that might really be evil! Unrequited love! Brain transplants! How’s that for beyond reality, huh?

See, Emerson Watts was visiting the Stark Megastore and was accidentally crushed by a giant plasma TV. Luckily for Em, the world’s most famous supermodel, Nikki Howard, suffered an aneurysm at the exact same moment. And when Em wakes up at the hospital, she sounds different and feels different–because a team of Surgeons that work for Stark Enterprises put her brain in Nikki Howard’s body.

And as it turns out, being a supermodel isn’t as easy as it looks. When Being Nikki starts, Em is still getting used to the freezing cold photo shoots and the paparazzi. And just when things seem semi-normal? Nikki Howard’s older brother shows up, and tells her their mother is missing (and how is Em going to explain why she doesn’t remember him?!) And then she realizes that Stark Enterprises has bugged her laptop, and who knows what else. And then someone claiming to be Nikki Howard starts emailing megastar Justin Bay. Only Em hates Justin, so she’s not the one emailing him…but if it’s not Em, who is it? After all, the real Nikki Howard’s dead…right?!

So yeah…I’d say Poor Em’s story is beyond reality, wouldn’t you?

Still…it doesn’t matter what kind of book you read, as long as you…do. Read, that is. After all, it’s Teen Read Week! I mean…I don’t even care if you have to ignore your homework and your chores—take some time and read this week.

Okay, okay…don’t ignore your homework and your chores, but…you know, try and find some time to read.

In fact, I want you to read so much that I’m not even going to leave you with a YouTube clip…you’ve got reading to do, Bits and Bramblers! So grab a book…and go BEYOND REALITY!!!!

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