You’re Wearing Green, Right?

I hope you are…after all, it’s St. Patrick’s Day! Bad things tend to happen to people who aren’t wearing green. (And no, I don’t know where the pinching thing came from, even though I’m Irish-American. I’m guessing some random bully made it up. Yeah…that sounds about right.)

I know the whole St. Patrick’s Day is a little confusing. In Ireland, it used to be more of a serious holiday. But now, it’s a day to celebrate all things Irish! And here in the U.S., it’s also a day for Irish-Americans to celebrate their heritage (after all, things weren’t always so great for Irish immigrants…)

But you don’t have to be Irish-American to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day…in fact, everyone’s Irish on March 17th! So put a few drops of food coloring in…well…anything…to make it green. Listen to some Irish music (and yes, U2 counts. U2 always counts.) You can even try Irish dancing (but seriously…be careful. Even if you’re goofing around, it’s very easy to trip and fall. Not that I know from personal experience, or anything. Because I don’t.)

If you want to practice your jump threes though, here’s a little music to help you out…check out The Corrs, who are Irish and made of awesome, playing the traditional Irish folk tune, Toss the Feathers. So wear your green, dance carefully, and have a wonderful St. Patrick’s Day, Bits and Bramblers!

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