Text Your Friends, or Post on Their Wall…

…and make sure they know it’s TEEN TECH WEEK!

Thaaaat’s right, the Young Adult Services Library Association takes one week out of the year to celebrate how technology is connecting teens. And why not? After all…what would you do if you couldn’t text for a day? Or get on Facebook? Or download music? Or DVR your favorite shows? See? This is why we need a Teen Tech Week.

You can celebrate by stopping by your faaaaaaaaaavorite M/RCPL location and taking our Web 2.0 Tools Quiz. All you have to do is match the Web 2.0 tool—like del.icio.us–with what it does. Simple, right? And you can win a free movie pass to a theater near you!

We’ll leave you with another reason technology is so awesome…it’s why Ok Go (you know them, right?) could make this video. I can’t stop watching it, Bits and Bramblers. It’s that awesome. It kind of makes me want to try this at home, which could be bad…

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