Avatar–NOT the Movie

If you’ve always wanted to have an alter ego or hidden identity here’s your chance.   In honor of Teen Tech Week (March 7-13, 2010) some truly awesome librarians have compiled a list of websites where you can create your own Avatar.  If you’re not sure what an avatar is dictionary.com defines it as “a graphical image that represents a person.”  So, in other words it’s one of those cute little cartoony things that kind of looks like you but isn’t you.

Avatars are fun and easy to create and the best thing is, now your parents won’t be nagging you about Internet safety and posting your picture online.  You can just use your Avatar and no one will know what you really look like.  Bonus, creating an Avatar gives you a chance to see what you would look like as a celebrity.

Haven’t you always wondered what you’d look like with a giant, blue Marge Simpson beehive?  Go to SimpsonizeMe.com and find out.  Soon you’ll be attracting swell guys like Homer to all of your online postings.  Or if you wanted to get a part in the movie “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” and got beat out by some other wimpy kid, go to the movie site and see what you’d look like as a stick figure.

For most of these sites all you need is an online picture and a little imagination.  They’re so easy I was even able to create one.  Here is another link to a site where you’ll find several other places to create an avatar.  If you always thought you’d make a great anime character, now’s your chance to show the world.

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