It’s National Grammar Day!

…And I’m so happy! Grammar doesn’t get near enough credit, Bits and Bramblers. I know it seems really annoying when you’re diagramming sentences, but trust me…having good grammar is important. Because grammar is your friend.

Don’t believe me? Let me give you an example. You’ve heard about KnowItNow 24/7, right? It’s a service for the entire state of Ohio…you can log on anytime—twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week—and ask a question (like, say, homework stuff.) And no matter what time it is—honest to blog—a real librarian will answer your question for you. Including some of your faaaaaaaavorite librarians here at M/RCPL

So anyway…I was helping someone with their math homework, and they got pretty upset when I wouldn’t solve their equation for them. I mean, I’d given them plenty of examples of how to solve it. That’s the thing about KnowItNow…we help you find answers, but we don’t just…do your homework for you. And this made the Math Person very, very upset, so they typed, “Your stupid!”

I really, reaaaalllly hope you winced when you read it, too. But it’s okay if you laughed a little. I sent them this website, and suggested that they flip through their English book, too. I hope you learned from this little story, Bits and Bramblers. Good grammar is important—even when you’re trying to insult someone. If you don’t have a good grasp of proper grammar, there will be wincing.

So double check your homework today, Bits and Bramblers, and wish everyone a very happy National Grammar Day! With your help, awesome blogs like this one won’t have much to talk about…because everyone will use proper grammar! Sure, it seems impossible now, but I have faith in you. Soon, everyone will know the difference between adverbs and adjectives!

And on that note, we’ll leave you with a made-of-awesome Schoolhouse Rock video, all about adverbs. Yes, it will get stuck in your head. But that’s a very good thing. Get it? Very good. (If you didn’t get it…maybe you should watch the video a couple times.)

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