Love the “Wake” Series? Want to Win $1000?!

Thaaaaaat’s right, if you’re a fan of Lisa McMann’s series, you can enter the “Don’t Let Your Dream Fade Vlog Sweepstakes!”

You know what a vlog is, right? Basically, it’s just a video blog (if you need a good example, you could always check out my favorite vlog…)

Aaaaaanyway, if you’re between the ages of 14-18, all you have to do is create a vlog—in less than two minutes—about how your dreams and goals are like Janie’s (she’s the main character, remember?) The winner will receive $1000 that you can put “towards furthering your life goals!”

So get out those cameras, McMann fans…and submit your vlog by visiting Lisa’s website! And you’d better get moving…your entry has to be submitted by March 8th at 12:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time!

And if you need a little inspiration, check out this awesome book trailer for Wake, the first book in the series!

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