Let’s Not Pretend It Isn’t ALL ABOUT THE CANDY…

…because it totally is, right? I mean, you think Halloween, and the first thing that comes to your mind is CANDY. Okay, okay…maybe you think about finding the perfect costume, and dressing up as something really cool. But it’s probably to get CANDY, right?!?!

Or maybe you think about carving pumpkins into Jack-O’Lanterns (or if you don’t like all that pumpkin goo? Virtual Jack-O’Lanterns.) But after that? CANDY.

And maybe you think about your favorite Halloween specials, or hilarious web cartoons. Which you probably WATCH WHILE YOU’RE EATING CANDY.

Because IT’S REALLY ALL ABOUT THE CANDY. I’m talking about the good stuff, too: think full size candy bars. Skittles. Even stuff like popcorn balls. But just because it’s ALL ABOUT THE CANDY doesn’t mean it’s…bad. I mean, there’s nothing wrong with that, Bits and Bramblers. After all…I think we can all agree that treats are infinitely better than tricks, right? And what could be more fun that pouring your entire bag of candy out, and eating all your favorites? It’s milk-chocolate covered awesomeness, that’s what it is.

So HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN, BITS AND BRAMBLERS! But most importantly, be safe out there…and have lots of fun! (After all…you don’t want to waste a perfectly good CANDY opportunity! We can all learn from Sally Brown’s mistake!)

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