Need a Snow Distraction?

I’ll be honest with you Bits and Bramblers. I’m one of those people that likes snow in December, but…after that? Not so much. By this point, though, even those crazies that like snow are sick of it. Even snow days are getting boring, and that’s because there’s only so much you can do with snow before it gets old. Snowmen? Built four of ‘em. Snowball fight? Please. Snow Angels? They’ll just get covered up in an hour by MORE SNOW. Blech.

But you’re smarter than that, right? You’re sitting in front of the warming glow of a computer. And you’ve come to the right place, because I have just the thing to keep you entertained. Why not play Ayiti: The Cost of Life? It’s a little like The Oregon Trail…but instead of getting across the U.S. in one piece, your job is to help one of rural Haiti’s families stay happy, healthy, and educated over a four year period (and I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that things in Haiti have been pretty horrific lately…)

The thing is…I’m really bad at this game. I keep driving my family into poverty (not on purpose though. Then again, everyone in my covered wagon usually died of typhoid on the way to Oregon. Stupid typhoid…) But I’m sure you’ll be much better at the game than me, and it will give you a good idea of how difficult life is in Haiti (especially now!) And speaking of Haiti, you can make the “Season of Giving” last all year by donating to the relief effort, if you can (and remember…you need your parents permission!)

Hopefully, this distracts you from the snow! But still… stay safe and warm, Bits and Bramblers! We’ll leave you with one of my favorite performances from the Hope for Haiti telethon…here’s Coldplay with “A Message”!

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