Think Spring, and GRAB YOUR POPCORN!

It’s Friday, Bits and Bramblers! Not only is it Friday…it’s not snowing! After the sixteen or seventeen straight days of snow, isn’t it great to see the sun? Okay, so maybe the sun’s not technically shining, but…it’s still not snowing, so…there’s that, at least. Why don’t we distract ourselves by watching some trailers for movies, which are coming soon to a theater near you?

First up, Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief. Not only is it a great book series (after all, the latest book made our list of 2009’s Best Teen Books!) the movie looks really cool (and also makes me slightly nervous about taking the elevator here in the library. Yikes…) The movie opens February 12th:

Next, we have another movie based on a classic book. This time, it’s Alice in Wonderland. The special effects look amazing, and we know the story is awesome, it’s just…for some reason, Johnny Depp rocking the orange hair and crazy eyes…frightens me a little. Really. (Although…girls? How awesome is this?!?!) You can see it on the big screen starting March 5th:

Last but not least, we have a movie that comes out on May 21st (when “freezing drizzle” and “snow flurries” will be a far, far away memory. We hope.) It’s Shrek: Forever After! In 3-D!

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