The Best Teen Book Series of the Decade


It’s nearly 2010…and that means it’s the end of the decade! So this year, we’re not only doing the best books of the year…we’re doing the BEST BOOKS OF THE DECADE!

But the thing is…that’s a lot of books. I mean…a lot. of. books. And nearly everyone picked all the Harry Potter books, all the Twilight books, all the Mortal Instruments books…you get the picture. And that’s even more books. So. many. books.

So we’ve decided to break our picks into two lists—the BEST TEEN BOOK SERIES OF THE DECADE, which includes all seven Harry Potter books, and the best “Stand Alones” of the decade—or books that aren’t part of a series.

Now, without further ado, we bring you our picks for the BEST TEEN BOOK SERIES OF THE DECADE! Check it out!

So…what do you think, Bits and Bramblers? Did your favorites make our list…or did we leave something out? Let us know in the comments! And check back tomorrow when we’ll post our list of the BEST STAND ALONE TEEN BOOKS OF THE DECADE!

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