Haaaapy Saint Patrick’s Day, Bits and Bramblers! You are wearing green, right? If not…you’re having a pretty rough day, huh? First of all…what’s up with not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day?!?! The tradition is, if you’re not wearing green, you get a pinch.

Now, I can’t lie…I’m totally Irish-American, and I don’t really get the whole pinching thing.

See, in Ireland, St. Patrick’s Day is a little more serious and solemn, so…no pinching there. Here in the United States, though, it’s a day for Irish-Americans to celebrate their heritage (you remember what you learned in history class? Things weren’t always so easy in Ireland, or easy for Irish-Americans…)

So that’s why we wear green, and that’s why we have cool parades. Chicago even dyes it’s river green, which is, like, the awesomest thing ever. That’s why we wear “Kiss Me I’m Irish” pins (but…those pins are a double edged sword, friends. Because while someone you like may see the pin and kiss you, but someone icky may see the pin and think it’s an open invitation. So…be smart about those pins. Wear them with caution.)

But still…I don’t get where the whole “pinching” thing comes from.

Anyway, the best thing about St. Patrick’s Day is that you don’t even have to be Irish to celebrate it…I mean, everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!

So…let’s all stop with the pinching. This is a day for celebrating, not for hurting people! What’s say about we all celebrate by eating some Irish Soda Bread and corned beef, or even by putting a few drops of green food coloring into your food, just to be festive (three words: green. mashed. potatos. Think about it.)

And no St. Patrick’s Day Celebration would be complete without some Irish music, right? So while you’re enjoying your green food, check out this video of the fully awesome Barrage playing some incredibly cool Irish reels, and doing a little Irish dancing (don’t kid yourself…that is…not easy to do, seriously.)

But no matter how you decided to celebrate…have a very safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day, Bits and Bramblers!

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