‘Tis the Season of Giving: at Home


So…over the past couple weeks, we’ve shared some fantastic organizations with you, Bits and Bramblers—like FreeRice, Kiva, and Heifer International. And while they all do great things all over the world, our last “‘Tis Season of Giving” organization is all about making a difference right here in Richland County. They help people in need throughout the community, and you—that’s right, you—can help, too.

The United Way of Richland County works “to increase the capacity of Richland County citizens to care for one another by bringing together all elements of the community to plan, support, deliver, and monitor quality human services.”

Which is just a fancy way of saying that they help people with everything from education to health care.


…And right now? The United Way is looking for heroes. Now, they aren’t really looking for superheroes—don’t get the two confused—but regular, everyday heroes who care enough to help those in need. See, they’re trying to raise a total of $1,701,000.00 by the end of the year.

Now…that’s a lot of money, right? I mean, it totally is…but when you think about it? It can do so much for those in need, right here in Richland County. The good thing is, they’ve already raised a bunch of money…$852,296.19 as of December 18th! But there’s still a long way to go…so if you’re in the spirit of giving, you—that’s right, you—can help!

First off—and most importantlyget your parents permission. Next, call the United Way offices at (419) 525-2816, or head to the United Way website and click the DONATE button. Remember…every little bit helps, and then they’re that much closer to meeting their goal!

So get moving, Bits and Bramblers…help the United Way today, and LIVE UNITED!


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