Altered States

Remember last week, Bits and Bramblers? Election Day? There were tons of maps, of all fifty states, all over every television and the internet. But here’s the thing…what if there were a blank map of the U.S.? Could you, say…put Delaware in the right spot? Or Kansas? Well…you’re about to get your chance.

Play the Know Your States game for your chance to drop the states in the right spot. Should you…let’s say, put Arkansas in the wrong spot, the game will not only correct you–it will tell you how many miles off you were. And once you’ve placed all fifty states, it will give you the average distance in miles you were off, along with how many states you got “perfect” and how long it took you to play.

Think you’re a genius at geography? Well, here’s your chance…start playing, and PLACE THOSE STATES! And then brag about how awesome your scores are, and challenge your friends and family to play. You could even try to bribe your Social Studies teacher to give you extra credit (sorry, Bits and Bramblers…I can’t promise that one will work.)

Ooooh…and if you need a refresher? Check out this classic video from Animaniacs. Not only will Wakko Warner point out the states on the map, he’ll also show you the capitals (and why not add that to your bragging rights, huh?)

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