It’s Spine-Tingling…It’s Heart-Pounding…and it…it…

IT CAME FROM THE LIBRARY! (*terrifying and slightly cheesy scream here*)

Haaaaaappppy Teen Read Week, Bits and Bramblers! That’s right, it’s an entire week set aside just to celebrate TEENS and READING, so…what’s not to like?

This year’s theme is “IT CAME FROM THE LIBRARY,” which is pretty appropriate, don’t you think? You know, since it is October, when we start thinking of scary stories. And trust me, there are some pretty awesomely creepy stories lurking around every corner at your library. Seriously… (*scary ominous tone*) you never know WHAT you’ll find at the library. There are endless possibilities. (*evil laugh*)

So be sure to visit your faaaaaavorite library location this week, and find out see what we have in store for you. It’s terrifying…it’s mesmerizing…IT CAME FROM THE LIBRARY!

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