Read This Now: Chomp

Are you feeling nostalgic, Bits and Bramblers? After all, another Teen Summer Library Program is nearly over. So many of you have registered, earned awesome prizes for reading, and you’re eagerly awaiting the grand prize drawing to see if you won a Kindle Touch. Good times, Bits and Bramblers. Good times.

But you know the best part? It’s not over yet. If you haven’t read your 1000 pages, you have until July 28th to turn in your entry forms at your faaaaaaavorite library. And you know what else is awesome? If you haven’t registered yet…technically, you can still finish sign up and finish–assuming you can read 1000 pages by JULY 28TH (and it anyone can do it, Bits and Bramblers, you can. You’re ridiculously smart. Also made-of-awesome. That’s important.)

If you’re a few pages short, I can help–in fact, I can help you earn exactly 290 pages. All you have to do is read Chomp, by Carl Hiaasen (Seriously…falling iguanas. Alligators. TV cameras. What’s not to like?)

We’re in the final stretch, Bits and Bramblers…check out this book trailer, and then get reading. After all, you have TWO DAYS left to earn your prizes!

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