Road Trip: …Mansfield?

Okay, Bits and Bramblers…for the last couple months, I’ve been encouraging you to enjoy the summer weather and take a Road Trip
(Day Trip. Day Road Trip. You know what I mean,) because Ohio has so many cool things to do and see. But…you know…if you want to stick close to home, let’s not forget all the cool things you can see and do around Mansfield and Richland County.

First of all, there’s the Ohio State Reformatory. You know about the Reformatory, right? I mean, for an old prison, it’s pretty famous. It’s been featured in a bunch of movies–but the most famous is The Shawshank Redemption. In person, the giant gothic building is…um…well, it’s beautiful, but it’s also…scary. Of course, a lot of people say it’s haunted, so…maybe…that’s why it feels scary. You can tour the grounds, even take the Hollywood or Shawshank Tour.

After the Reformatory, you could visit Malabar Farm. It’s where Pulitizer Prize winning author and Mansfield native Louis Bromfield lived–and (FUN FACT) where his friends Humphry Bogart and Lauren Bacall got married in 1945. You can take a few tours, go hiking and spot some wildlife, and even visit the Songbird Aviary.

And don’t forget about lunch–there are tons of awesome places downtown. You can try the Park Avenue Sub at Ed Pickens Cafe on Main, the gyros at the Athens Greek Restaurant, samosas at Saffron Indian Cuisine, or a good old fashioned hot dog at Coney Island Inn. And don’t forget desert–you can head over to the Squirrel’s Den for their handmade chocolates and flavored popcorns. What’s not to love? And–if you’re not too full after lunch–you could visit Richland Carousel Park. After all…you’re never too old to ride the Carousel, are you?!?!


Okay, so…what am I forgetting? Well, you could always visit your faaaaaaaavorite branch of the Mansfield/Richland County Public Library, for some great books, good music, awesome movies, and more. Because even though it’s cool hit the road? Sometimes it’s nice to visit all the cool stuff that’s close to home. So whether you want to find out if the Reformatory is really haunted, or just have some hand-dipped chocolates, have an awesome time exploring Mansfield!

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