Read This Now: Ten Miles Past Normal

I know you, Bits and Bramblers. Not only have you registered for the Teen Summer Reading Program, you’re already done, aren’t you? You’ve read your 500 pages, and picked up your $5 gift card to Barnes and Noble. Then you kept on working, and read 1000 pages, earned your $8 gift card to Target, and you’re automatically entered into our grand prize drawing to win a Kindle Touch. Easy, right? No problem at all.

Unless…you’re not done with your 1000 pages yet. Or maybe you haven’t even registered for the program. Which is not a problem, Bits and Bramblers, because you still have time to sign up. All you have to do is visit your faaaaavorite library location and say, “I want to sign up for the Teen Summer Reading Program.” And then you have…a little less than a month to read 1000 pages. But you’re crazy smart, Bits and Bramblers. I know you can do it. In fact, I’ll help you by knocking some pages off your total–211 pages to be exact. All you have to do is check out Ten Miles Past Normal.

Want to know more? Watch this book trailer–then head to your faaaaaaavorite library location, check out Ten Miles Past Normal, and be a part of our Teen Summer Reading Program today!

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