Road Trip!: Red, White, and Boom

It’s been a crazy week, hasn’t it, Bits and Bramblers? What with the insane heat, crazy storms, and power outages. So…maybe it’s the perfect time to grab some snacks, listen to some good music, and hit the road! After all, there are lots of awesome places in Ohio you can road trip to…for the day. Day Trip, I guess. Day Road Trip?

Okay, today’s Day Road Trip is a little last minute, but no less awesome. Because in Columbus, it’s Red, White, and Boom! Now, not only is it one of the most impressive fireworks displays in the entire Midwest, but there are lots of events, a Children’s Park, and tons of food. It’s all day festival, ending in a massive fireworks display.

We mentioned the fireworks, right? Because there are fireworks. Tons of very, very impressive fireworks. So jump in the car, grab some music or books from your faaaaavorite library, and head to Red, White, and Boom! Did I mention there are fireworks?

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