The days are long, and you’ve got a lot of time on your hands, Bits and Bramblers. I mean, you’ve already finished the Teen Summer Reading Program (right? RIGHT?!) Why not grab some snacks, climb in the car, and head out on a ROAD TRIP! For the day. Maybe not so much of a road trip. A Day Trip, I guess. Which is cool, because there are a lot of places here in Ohio you should visit.

Like, for instance, the Center of Science and Industry…which you may know as COSI. Okay, okay…so you may be thinking “That place is for kids,” but…I think you’re seriously underestimating the amount of awesome that’s located in that building. I mean…who wouldn’t want to use ” one of three interactive simulator stations” to “bring Space Shuttle Discovery in for a smooth landing, guide a lunar module down to the moon’s cratered surface, or walk in space to retrieve an ailing Hubble Space Telescope?” or “Make high-tech industrial robots disco dance?” Or watch a movie on something called the Extreme Screen Theater?!

See what I mean? How is that not awesome? Who says when you get older science has to be all…you know…forming a hypothesis, and…erosion, and…other boring stuff? And if we’ve learned anything from Sheldon Cooper, it’s that science is awesome. So grab some books or music from your faaaaaavorite library, and head to COSI. Oh, and did I mention there are rats that play basketball? Because there are rats playing basketball

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