Road Trip!: Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

It’s hot out there, Bits and Bramblers. It’s that unbearable, humid, sizzling kind of hot that makes you forget why you hate snow so much. So what can you do when it’s so hot outside? Well…how about climbing in the car with some snacks and cool drinks and taking a ROAD TRIP?! A mini-road trip. A day trip, I guess, because there are a ton of cool places around Ohio you can visit.

Like the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium. Did you know that the Zoo opened in 1927? And that “Jungle” Jack Hannah started as the Zoo Director in 1978? And that the Zoo has different zones or regions, like the African Forest, Asia Quest, and North America? And they also have what might be the best thing in the entire world on a hot and sticky day: a water park, called Zoombezi Bay.

What’s not to love? Grab some books or music from your faaaaaavorite library, escape from the heat at the zoo…and see some amazing animals! (Like the sting ray. Check out this cool new exhibit at the zoo. Not only can you touch a real sting ray…you can even feed one!)

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